Bejmat Tile

Suddenly Bejmat Tile is in fashion again. Made in Fez, the ancient city of mosaics, Bejmat tile is one of the oldest forms of handmade tile that exists in Morocco. The classic chevron patterns  speak of languid summers spent reclining  in Andalusian gardens.  We love the timeless look of green & white {a favorite color combination of Elise De Wolfe} and also the look of green & terracotta  for garden rooms  and pathways, terraces and poolsides.  Monochromatic Bejmat Tile designs can also look elegantly rustic on the floor of a wine cellar, a butler's pantry, laundry room or mudroom.  

A special summer sale on Bejmat Tile begins on July 10..... www.importsfrommarrakesh.com

Images: just.pure.lovely, green bejmat tile, terra cotta bejmat tile 

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