{ Arabesque } 'in the Arabic style'

Arabesque designs in style

Definition of arabesque
  ~1 Ballet a posture in which one leg is extended backwards at right angles, the torso bent forwards, and the arms outstretched, one forwards and one backwards.
2 an ornamental design consisting of intertwined flowing lines, originally found in ancient Islamic art:[as modifier]:arabesque scrolls

~   3 Music a passage or composition with fanciful ornamentation of the melody.
mid 17th century: from French, from Italian arabesco 'in the Arabic style', from arabo 'Arab

The interior of Vosges Haut Chocolat in Beverly Hills 
with hand carved'gebs' plaster arches 
~ a custom design by Imports from Marrakesh ~
 inspired by an Alberto Pinto design.

Interior designed by Frances Elkins. A long hallway lined
with custom-made Beni Ourain carpets, the tall windows lined with drapery made out of her favorite Fortuny handprinted fabrics that Marcel Proust said “swarmed with Arabic ornaments, like the Venetian palaces hidden like sultanas behind a screen of pierced stone.”

 A breathless   peacock might have stood in a late 19th century interior
as a touch of exotic Arabic style.  


luxe bohemian gypsy style

Though we adore the popular formula of mixing Moroccan decor with modern furniture, there is something equally intriguing about adding tiny touches of exotic style to an interior filled with European antiques, akin to wrapping a Spanish shawl over a pair of classic blue jeans.  A touch of exotic Marrakesh style could simply be a handwoven market basket filled with flowers & casually placed upon the seat of a gilt chair, a Beni Ourain carpet layered over oriental carpets in a 19th. century French salon,  a Venetian mirror hung over a vintage red velvet Haiti in an English country house or decorating for a dinner party by scattering red rose petals across a white damask tablecloth. Summer is the perfect time to visit our warehouse, come discover an incredible collection of one of a kind treasures, perfect for creating a luxe bohemian gypsy interior for one magical night or many. View our special collection by appointment ~ phone 212-675-9700

Photos:  1. Moroccan basket on gilt chair via, 2. Diana Vreeland Memo Visionaire 37, 3.Vogue Living 2008 discovered via, 4. Red velvet Haiti in World of Interiors discovered via, 5. The Glamourai


Latest Obsession : Frances Elkins & the Beni Ourian Carpet

Now this is glamorous ~  a custom Beni Ourain stairway runner commissioned in 1929
by legendary interior designer Frances Elkins. She was an early design pioneer who mixed 
periods and styles with restrained elegance and her interiors with Moroccan carpets have become my latest obsession. It is refreshing to discover this combination of 'rough and refined': a handwoven Beni Ourain runner with loose rhythmic diamonds descending a dramatic staircase  lined with ebony and wrought glass balusters.  The meandering wool texture is a radical contrast against the glossy black and white marble floor below and the handblown Venetian chandelier floating above....

Frances Elkins Interior Design by Stephen Salny, forward by Albert Hadley
Photo by Ezra Stoller


Bejmat Tile

Suddenly Bejmat Tile is in fashion again. Made in Fez, the ancient city of mosaics, Bejmat tile is one of the oldest forms of handmade tile that exists in Morocco. The classic chevron patterns  speak of languid summers spent reclining  in Andalusian gardens.  We love the timeless look of green & white {a favorite color combination of Elise De Wolfe} and also the look of green & terracotta  for garden rooms  and pathways, terraces and poolsides.  Monochromatic Bejmat Tile designs can also look elegantly rustic on the floor of a wine cellar, a butler's pantry, laundry room or mudroom.  

A special summer sale on Bejmat Tile begins on July 10..... www.importsfrommarrakesh.com

Images: just.pure.lovely, green bejmat tile, terra cotta bejmat tile