Exotic details for the home

 Ibrik: an Arabic coffeepot

Azilal carpet: a vintage Moroccan carpet with a Beni Ouarain  influence

: moroccan door knocker
 zillij: a moroccan mosiac tile 

Beni Ouarain carpet: a  Moroccan carpet that is usually black & cream with a  lattice design 
أ. سلة, إصابة في كرة السلة  market basket 
Sometimes, the exotic can enter your home as a small elegant detail,
be it serving Arabic coffee in gilded demitasse cups, placing an Azilal tribe carpet in the study or 
a khamsa on the door, installing light green zillij tile in the kitchen, 
or perhaps just lining up Wellington boots with a Moroccan market basket.

Our holiday pop-up shop in the Chelsea Market is in full-swing! 
Drop by to see our special collection of antique Azilal and Beni Ouarain  carpets
and exotic home accessories.


1- Ibrik discovered via this is glamorous
5 -A Moroccan market basket in a castle in Denmark


Moroccan roses & exotic treasures

For the holiday season,
we will be opening a very special pop-up shop in the Chelsea Market filled with exotic treasures... golden tea trays and arabic teapots perfect for holiday entertaining +  a new collection of Beni Ourain carpets, sparkling wedding blankets and prehaps a few palace doors.

Imports from Marrakesh 
Chelsea Market
88 Tenth Avenue

Photos & links
1. Exotically styled:  Audrey Hepburn
2. Pink Palace door: photo by Maryam
3. Beni Ourain carpet with a pale rose chair
4. Holiday inspiration: moroccan party invitations


autumn colors in an exotic interior

Out of the chaos of the souks of Marrakesh, occasionally an exquisite classic interior is created.
In this space designed by David Easton, exotic oranges and greens are paired with Moroccan filigree lighting, mother of pearl Syrian mirrors and mosharabi benches, and a custom made zillij tile floor.



Hello {T&L global bazaar & pop up souk in the chelsea market}

ciao, ¡hola!, hallo, bonjour, olá, merhaba, こんにちは, cześć, hej... in the souks of Marrakech, the carpet dealers know how to say 'hello' in nearly every language.

pick up your moroccan shopping basket  & come say hello to Imports from Marrakesh:

Pop-Up Souk in the Chelsea Market
from September 19 - October 16, 2012

Travel & Leisure Global Bazaar
September 28 - 30, 2012
at the Lexington Avenue Armory in New York City

equally chic
 1.... a hermès shopping bag & a moroccan shopping basket via
2....a  yves saint laurent dress  & a beni ourain carpet {scan by stephanie from an old vogue}


{ marrakesh muse: doris duke }

A visit, nearly a decade ago, to Doris Duke's  Shangri La, a 'Spanish-Moorish-Persian-Indian complex', led to the creation of our custom Marrakesh Design services.  The exquisite taste of this bohemian heiress never ceases to inspire us...
Don't miss the spectacular exhibit  at the Museum of Arts and Design
Doris Duke's Shangri La - Architecture, Landscape, and Islamic Art
September 7, 2012 to February 17, 2013

Interiors: Islamic Design Touches for the Home Inspired by "Doris Duke's Shangri La"
Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art 
Treasures of an Heiress From a Personal Paradise

1. Doris Duke at Shangri La Vogue 1966 via styleicon
2. Taj Reflection via my exotic house
3. Doris Duke also collected exotic animals... her giraffes roamed freely through her Newport estate via
4.  Custom Moroccan lighting & woodwork at Shangri La"Moroccan Designer René Martin submitted photographs of the work Duke commissioned as it progressed in his workshop in Rabat...."
{Doris Duke's Shangri La by Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art }
5. An exotic pair of amethyst book ends... she loved crystals for their beauty & magical powers
6. Doris Duke's Shangri La - A House in Paradise 


{ marrakesh muse: anais nin }

Inspired by a 'short but vivid' trip to Morocco, Anais Nin muses in her diary about interior decoration ideas for her Paris apartment. Her vision includes 'turquoise and coral colors', sandblasted wood, cream leather, and a beni ourain tribe carpet.
‘No money from New York, although much is owed to me. There is shopping to do for the new apartment on the Quai dePassy, which I want to be modern. A psychic need for new surroundings I found a clock made of seashells, a white wool rug from Morocco.'
Diary Of Anais Nin Volume 2 1934-1939 {pg.82}

One of Anais Nin's most beloved decorative objects was a movable Moroccan fireplace facade.
She mentions this turquoise zillij tile  fireplace several times in her diaries. {when she moved, her moroccan mosiac moved too...in high gypsy style} 'A leaping, joyous fire glowed in the fireplace which I had found at the Arts Decoratifs, and was made of Moroccan mosaics in a rich design of blues with a few touches of gold. Allendy admired it like something exotic. The reflections of the fire played upon it,on the peach colored walls, on the dark wood, on the wine bottles from Spain
The Diary of Anais Nin Volume 1 1931-1934 {pg.174}

Anais writes about her experience of  the  Moroccan mint tea ritual after going to the hammam... roses petals are thrown around her feet while she lounges on Moroccan pillows drinking mint tea:  'It made me passionate, just to sit there on pillows with music, the birds, the fountains, the infinite beauty of the mosaic designs, the teakettle singing… Tea served on copper trays with a samovar kettle. Glasses have colored tops. On another tray a big silver box with big rough pieces of rock sugar. Trays with Perfume bottles. Trays with almond cakes coverd by a silk handkerchief or copper painted lids...
Diary Of Anais Nin Volume 2 1934-1939 {pg 76-77},

 Moroccan tea-glass sets @ Open Sky {curated by Emily Henderson}
Zemmour pillows & hammam bowls  @ Travel & Leisure Global Bazaar Store on L-Atitude
Marrakesh Design inspiration boards @ Pinterest

3. Zillij Tile fireplace designed by Bill Willis for Yves Saint Laurent's Marrakesh residence