Suppose you are given some rare or lovely jar.....and build a room around it

'Suppose you are given some rare or lovely jar.....and build a room around it. I have had some such point of interest in every room I build, and think that is why some people like my rooms- they feel, without quite knowing it that I have loved them while making them. Now there is a little sitting room and bedroom combined in a certain New York house that I worked out from a pair of Chinese jars.'
Elsie De Wolfe 'The House in Good Taste' 
Completely enchanted by this 18th-century riad, or courtyard house, Dar Maktoub (House of Destiny) featured in Architectual Digest. Given that we specialize in custom orders, this quote by Grassi, the designer of the stunning residence, sums up what we do ALL THE TIME while working on custom orders: “Moroccan artisans are great when it comes to techniques.But none of them can read blueprints, so you draw a design on a wall and go from there.”
Imports from Marrakekesh is the design translator.... currently re-doing a custom order  of intricate light green zillij tile was supposed to be the shade of the Pucci Kaftan (shown above) but the zillij turned out to have too much turquoise green...it is nearly impossible to rush the zillij artisans or a zillij tile glaze batch in Fez...

For an haute bohemian vibe why not try designing a room around a pair of Fez Vases?
Our new collection of grand scale matching Moroccan urns just arrived...
Imagine lounging in your Marrakesh wearing this light as a feather floor-length long-sleeved Pucci kaftan in a gorgeous pale Persian Green. The deep keyhole neckline is richly embroidered with antiqued gold braiding reminding us of the filigree Moroccan lanterns or an Arabic arch...

Recently asked by an interior designer to create a custom zillij tile color 
inspired by a Farrow & Ball paint color...

 images: Pucci Kaftan, Dar Mektoub, Filigree Lantern Babouche by Farrow & Ball

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