Albert Hadley

Imports from Marrakesh is sad to hear about the loss of Albert Hadley. He was a very special client. 
We met Mr. Hadley in 2006 when he purchased a Beni Ourain carpet... he said we were 'heading in the right direction' by focusing on this style of carpet and custom orders.... a few months later Albert Hadley Inc. sent us this picture and asked if we could reproduce an authentic Beni Ourain carpet 20'x 20'. It took nearly six years of research and work with our weavers in Morocco to finally create  new Beni Ourain carpets in extra large sizes.  Mr. Hadley inspired us to begin producing custom Beni Ouarain carpets and was a motivating force behind our idea to focus on creating custom Moroccan decor for interior designers. 

 In 2007 we had the honor of loaning a trio of  Moroccan Wedding Blankets to Harry Heissman of Albert Hadley Inc. Mr. Heissman used these magical Moroccan textiles as sparkling wall coverings in an exquisite little room he designed for 'Rooms with a View',  an annual design event in Southport, CT, established by Albert Hadley.

As a generous sign of encouragement Mr Hadley even gave us an old Beni Ourain carpet from his warehouse...cream with brown and bits of soft pink...

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