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A visit, nearly a decade ago, to Doris Duke's  Shangri La, a 'Spanish-Moorish-Persian-Indian complex', led to the creation of our custom Marrakesh Design services.  The exquisite taste of this bohemian heiress never ceases to inspire us...
Don't miss the spectacular exhibit  at the Museum of Arts and Design
Doris Duke's Shangri La - Architecture, Landscape, and Islamic Art
September 7, 2012 to February 17, 2013

Interiors: Islamic Design Touches for the Home Inspired by "Doris Duke's Shangri La"
Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art 
Treasures of an Heiress From a Personal Paradise

1. Doris Duke at Shangri La Vogue 1966 via styleicon
2. Taj Reflection via my exotic house
3. Doris Duke also collected exotic animals... her giraffes roamed freely through her Newport estate via
4.  Custom Moroccan lighting & woodwork at Shangri La"Moroccan Designer René Martin submitted photographs of the work Duke commissioned as it progressed in his workshop in Rabat...."
{Doris Duke's Shangri La by Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art }
5. An exotic pair of amethyst book ends... she loved crystals for their beauty & magical powers
6. Doris Duke's Shangri La - A House in Paradise 

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