Exotic details for the home

 Ibrik: an Arabic coffeepot

Azilal carpet: a vintage Moroccan carpet with a Beni Ouarain  influence

: moroccan door knocker
 zillij: a moroccan mosiac tile 

Beni Ouarain carpet: a  Moroccan carpet that is usually black & cream with a  lattice design 
أ. سلة, إصابة في كرة السلة  market basket 
Sometimes, the exotic can enter your home as a small elegant detail,
be it serving Arabic coffee in gilded demitasse cups, placing an Azilal tribe carpet in the study or 
a khamsa on the door, installing light green zillij tile in the kitchen, 
or perhaps just lining up Wellington boots with a Moroccan market basket.

Our holiday pop-up shop in the Chelsea Market is in full-swing! 
Drop by to see our special collection of antique Azilal and Beni Ouarain  carpets
and exotic home accessories.


1- Ibrik discovered via this is glamorous
5 -A Moroccan market basket in a castle in Denmark

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