Yves Saint Laurent ~ Exotic Oasis

 Yves Saint Laurent reclining on Berber carpets and pillows in his Marrakesh garden...
Why don't you transform your garden into an exotic oasis for entertaining this summer?

We just posted our special  collection of antique Zemmour tribal pillows & carpets that are perfect for at least a thousand & one nights of glamor camping. Handwoven by nomadic women during the mid. 20th. century in Morocco, this durable decorative art was originally created for tent interiors.  Yves Saint Laurent had a great collection these weavings...now on view at his 'Berber Museum' in Marrakech.  We also have a special collection of zemmour pillows and floor cushions for wedding & party rentals.

 1.Wild roses climbing an old tree
2 Yves St Laurent's Berber Museum
3. Imports from Marrakesh: Zemmour pillows

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