Beni Ourain Carpet Sale

Now is the time to get that authentic Beni Ourain carpet you've always wanted for your  office or home....we are having a Special Sale on our Beni Ourain Carpets. All of the Beni Ourain Carpets posted on our website are 30% off the listed price. 

If you live NYC or Brooklyn - you can arrange a special viewing in your space.We also can ship carpets to view on approval - please call us for the details 212-675-9700.

 Images: 1 & 2 J. Crew  president and creative director Jenna Lyons  has Beni Ourain rugs in her office and her home via, 3. Mohamed Elmaarouf in Brooklyn delivering Beni Ourain to one of our special clients, photo by Stephanie Rudloe. 4. Tom Delavan – Photo: Patrick Cline/Trad Home {he recently purchased  one from us for his office} 

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